Conduit Inspection & Locating

Trusted Inspection Technology for Your Projects

The Maven conduit inspection service team utilizes cutting edge camera technology to complete visual condition assessments of conduits 2” to 6” in diameter, as well as having capabilities to pinpoint exact locations of blockages if encountered. This service significantly reduces costly downtime, schedule delays and outage times for both contractors and owners of the infrastructure by identifying the source and location of issues.

About the Technology

Maven utilizes technology that is suitable for new or existing conduit installations that require proofing, visual inspections, blockage locating or conduit mapping. It’s features include, but are not limited to:

  • locating capabilities
  • push up to 200’ in 2” to 6” pipe (up to 12” diameters is feasible)
  • push around 2” long sweep elbows
  • auto iris camera element that automatically adjusts picture lighting
  • powerful SONDE transmitter 512Hz located in the SS coil neck of the camera head
  • self-leveling camera head for easy viewing

With these impressive features, this technology has been recognized for revealing details missed by other lateral push cameras.

Maven’s service inspection team members have undergone extensive training to ensure they can identify where they can be most effective deliver the best possible results for our clients. Maven leverages processes developed over decades of experience to guide our inspectors and projects to reduce overall project risk.

The responsibilities of our inspection team include, but are not limited to:

  • provide quality camera inspection and locating services that meets or exceeds client expectations
  • deliver detailed reports, videos and screen captures immediately after each inspection
  • provide free estimates so clients are aware of cost prior to inspection
  • be efficient and effective to ensure costs are kept to a minimum and timelines are met
  • be professional and courteous upholding Maven’s code of conduct

Find out how our service inspection team can deliver trusted, reliable, cost-effective solutions for your capital project.