North Vancouver, B.C., May 9, 2022 – Maven Consulting Ltd. “Maven” has announced that their service inspection team will now be using cutting-edge camera technology to take their quality of service to new heights.

”I’m really excited to deploy these camera systems to our field team, this technology will be a tremendous benefit to our clients…”, says Shonagh Baillie, Maven Inspection Team Lead. “We can locate existing conduits while completing visual condition assessments. This can significantly reduce outage times during maintenance and trouble work!”

These High Definition, self-levelling colour pushrod inspection cameras will be used in 2” – 6″ diameter conduits and will assist Maven’s inspectors in pinpointing blockage locations.

They come equipped with several unique features, including but not limited to:

  • locating capabilities
  • Wi-Fi stream / record technology up to 4 devices within 200m
  • push up to 200′ in 2” to 6″ pipe (up to 12” diameters are feasible)
  • push around 2″ long sweep elbows
  • auto iris camera element that automatically adjusts picture lighting
  • adjustable LEDs on camera head to assist with inspection
  • powerful SONDE transmitter 512Hz located in the SS coil neck of the camera head
  • self-leveling camera head for easy viewing

About Maven Consulting Ltd: Maven is a professional consultancy delivering infrastructure engineering and construction services across Western North America. Their team has a proven track record of leading engineering, project management and construction projects for utility providers and municipalities. The Maven Principals have operated engineering consulting and project delivery companies servicing the Canadian infrastructure industry for more than 15 years. They deliver dependable results so clients can be assured that their projects will be handled with competence and professionalism.

For More Information: Email Sheldon Pinto (Director of Project Delivery): [email protected]


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