Construction Management

Maven has completed a wide portfolio in the planning and execution of large-scale capital infrastructure projects across Canada. Our construction project management services ensure that projects are completed on time, with quality results and are compliant to regional, client-specific and environmental regulations. The project professionals at Maven Consulting excel in integration with client teams. We coordinate large groups of contractors to ensure seamless and efficient delivery. Whether you’re executing a small project or a major infrastructure improvement, our project leaders will add value at every step.

Our Approach

At Maven Consulting, we work with clients and stakeholders to minimize costs, increase return on investment and improve sustainability. To ensure the desired level of quality, Maven employs a process to plan, monitor and control performance of work activities. We adhere to quality standards for professional service and model the program on ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and Continuous Improvement Program.

Our experienced construction project management team offers a hands-on approach to managing the delivery of projects from issuing construction packages, day-to-day site management through to quality inspection and commissioning. As representatives of the owner, we collaborate with project managers to oversee construction costs, completion schedule, and work quality in order to maximise the client’s investment. Our goal is to provide outstanding professional support to our clients in their efforts to better manage projects, reduce costs, and avoid job delays and potential claims.

We are able to solve most problems throughout a project with risk identification and communication. Early identification and consistent re-evaluation of risks followed by the engagement of the issue with the correct stakeholder with as much lead time as possible will de-risk the project and minimize the number of budget and schedule variances. Additionally, we provide regular monitoring and reporting of progress metrics for the desired level of visibility and oversight.

Maven is experienced acting as Prime Contractor for a project site with the purpose of meeting provincial occupational health and safety regulatory requirements. Responsibilities include:

  • Ensure the activities of the owner, workers, subcontractors and other persons at the workplace, relating to occupational health and safety, are coordinated and consistent with applicable provincial guidelines, regulations and legislation.
  • Establish and maintain a safety program for activities at the worksite including a project site specific safety management plan.
  • Identify and address site hazards and develop the action plans needed to monitor, prevent and respond to hazards.
  • Institute systems to enable effective communications with subcontractors including coordination and dissemination of safety information to all subcontractors and workers attending the site.
  • Implement an emergency response plan, complete with provisions for safety training, equipment and supplies.
  • Document and retain records to evidence compliance.

Responsibilities of our construction project management team can include:

  • Supervision and coordination of site construction activities including safety, quality, cost, schedule, scope, and function.
  • Manage the effective allocation of material, financial and human resources using experience in construction methodologies, estimating, and contract management to support the delivery of quality projects safely, within budget, and on time.
  • Define the best possible sequence of construction operations to develop a detailed schedule and budget, while also establishing plans for project safety, security, and risk management.
  • Ensure the safe execution of work by performing and giving feedback on Safe Work Observations using excellent knowledge in safety standards and regulations.
  • Develop mitigation plans by identifying, analyzing, and monitoring risks for effective risk management throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Contribute to stakeholder engagement activities by employing skills in communication, negotiation, and persuasive influencing so that projects are planned and implemented successfully.
  • Respond appropriately to internal and third-party construction inquiries using knowledge of project management, engineering, and procedures to maintain positive, collaborative relationships with stakeholders and First Nations.

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