Procurement Management

Procurement Management for Capital Infrastructure Projects

At Maven, we have extensive supply chain expertise and the capabilities and skills to successfully perform the contract and procurement management plan for capital infrastructure projects in both the public and private sector, in alignment with corporate and projects goals and objectives and in compliance with contracts and sourcing processes applicable to projects.

Our services encompass the entire acquisition life-cycle of goods and services: procurement planning (including preparation of procurement strategies), development of solicitation documentation (RFP/RFT/RFSQ/RFI, etc.), drafting of commercial terms and conditions, managing the bidding process, evaluation of bids, negotiation, contract formation and contract award as well as post award contract management and administration (contractor performance management and reporting, change management and control, risk mitigation, claims avoidance and dispute resolution, vendor relationship management, document control and procurement and contract data management, contract close-out)

We also provide critical analysis and market awareness of trends in the supply community that have direct impact on our clients’ ability to meet their capital project delivery requirements.

Overall, we ensure that the procurement process is seamless and efficient such that that goods and services required by the project are delivered on time, completed to the required specifications, standards and quality and within the agreed price, whilst delivering the overall best value for money.

Our Approach

Project procurement management plan starts with preparing for procurement. During this stage, the Maven managers will identify what resources and aspects of the project scope need to be procured, as well as identify and address procurement risks and procurement and delivery options. We develop the procurement strategy, a high-level document that identifies the key packages (e.g., EPCs, contractors, consultants, equipment, materials, etc.) to be procured, along with general timelines, expected costs and planned procurement methods and rationale (e.g., direct award, RFT, RFP, etc.) for each.

Next, our managers conduct procurement, which is the process of developing and issuing the procurement documents for RFx processes and acquiring project resources. We make certain all procurements meet the needs of the project, as well as all legal obligations. At this stage, once an RFx has been issued, we’ll review and evaluate all proposals following a structured evaluation process to determine the awarded party.

The final step in the process is controlling procurement. This is where the team at Maven manages procurement relationships, monitors contract performance, accepts deliverables, processes payments, handles change requests and closes out contracts. Our experienced managers ensure every step is completed according to timelines.

Our project procurement management deliverables include:

  • Procurement Strategy
  • Contracting Plans
  • RFx Documents
  • Proposal Evaluations
  • Awarded Contracts
  • Contract Closeout Report

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