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At Maven, we offer a range of services across each electrical phase, from Generation to Transmission and Distribution.

Our dedicated team of consultants, inspectors, engineers and managers are eager to help out in any way we can to improve the delivery of utilities across Canada. We can provide tailored support for utility projects, with an unrivaled focus on safety and efficiency.

Let us “cross the T’s and dot the I’s” to ensure everything in your project is completed to the most satisfactory standard. Maven adheres to the latest quality and safety standards to ensure your project, our employees and the community are safe.

Find out more about the different services we offer and the areas in which we specialize by clicking below.

Construction Management 2

Maven has completed a wide portfolio in planning and execution of large-scale electric utility projects across Canada. Our construction management services ensure that these projects are completed on time, with high quality results and compliant to regional, client-specific and environmental regulations.

Whether you are executing a small project, or a major infrastructure improvement, our project leaders add value at every step.  Our project professionals excel in integration with client teams. We coordinate large groups of contractors to ensure a seamless and efficient delivery.

We work with clients and stakeholders to minimize costs, increase return on investment and improve sustainability. To ensure the desired level of quality, Maven employs a process to Plan, Monitor and Control performance of work activities. We adhere to quality standards for professional service and models the program on ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and Continuous Improvement Program.

Maven has an experienced Construction Management team offering a hands-on approach to managing the delivery of projects from issuing construction packages, day-to-day site management through to quality inspection and commissioning. As representatives of the owner, we work with project managers to oversee construction costs, completion schedule, and work quality in order to maximize the client’s investment. Our goal is to provide outstanding professional support to our clients in their efforts to better manage projects, reduce costs and avoid job delays and potential claims.

Risk Identification and Communication solves most problems throughout a project. Early identification, and consistent re-evaluation, of risks followed by the engagement of the issue with the correct stakeholder with as much lead time as possible will de-risk the project and results in the minimum number of budget and schedule variances. Regular monitoring and reporting of progress metrics to provide the desired level of visibly and oversight.

Responsibilities of our construction managers can include:

  • Construction Planning
  • Reporting and Communication
  • Budgeting and Cost Control
  • Scheduling
  • Risk Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Regulatory Approvals
  • Change Management
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Project Acceptance and Turnover
  • Final Project Close Out

Service - Project Management

Project management is a crucial factor in delivering reliable and effective utility projects. Here at Maven, we understand that the primary focus of a project manager needs to be communication.

Our team will be on site to coordinate with teams, as well as liaising with clients to ensure every project is tailored to the specific requirements. In project management, it is important to deliver a service that meets the client’s needs, whether they require a light touch or a more comprehensive plan.

From scope, schedule, and cost, a Maven project manager will be across the planning and delivery or real results. This can include the procurement of Engineering and Construction Resources through direct aware or public RFP process, creation of scope documents, evaluation of bidders, raising of contracts, and the inspecting of deliverables.

Project managers are essentially in charge of ensuring crews and equipment are mobilised when and where they are needed most. From developing a statement of objectives and business cases to completing risk registers and procurement strategies, the project manager is responsible for the smooth completion of projects.

Engaging with different groups on site and in the community is crucial to deliver a result that benefits everyone from the workers to the clients to the consumer.

Maven’s project managers undergo extensive training to ensure they can identify where they are needed most and they are able to deliver the best possible results.Maven’s PMO office leverages process, templates, and tools developed over decades of experience to guide its Project Managers and Projects to reduce overall project risk. Often, power utilities have their own project delivery process which Maven can adapt to as required.

Service - Project Engineering

When projects have multiple engineers on board, across mechanical, electrical and construction subgroups, Maven’s project engineering services will ensure cohesion.

Our team comes on board to coordinate all the necessary disciplines by holding meetings with team leaders, reporting to the project manager, liaising between engineers and contractors and monitoring the progress of the overall project.

When delivering utilities, it is crucial that everyone is on the same page, which is why Maven is proud of our proven track record of successful engineering management services. Our project engineers will be on site to attend all relevant meetings, as well as liaising with design teams, clients and contractors.

Maven has a very strong project engineering team, offering skilled and experienced professionals to deliver project engineering solutions to clients. Our goal is to complete every project efficiently and safely.

By working with Maven, you can benefit from decades of experience and expertise in this field, with our team able to identify areas for improvement and deliver real results. From personnel management to the revision of technical reports and record drawings, Maven’s project engineers can help.

Service - Asset Management

In the asset-intensive generation sector, from the maintenance-focused distribution phase, to the overarching transmission and generation sectors, Maven has experience in delivering effective and proven asset management.

A Maven asset manager is ready to represent the owner, providing scheduling, procurement, inspection and distribution of essential assets, machinery and equipment.

From deciding where crucial labour is needed to delivering important machinery to particular sites, asset management is vital to ensuring utility construction, transmission, distribution and generation all runs smoothly.

In the transmissions sector, systems do not typically have a back-up, which means asset management is a tremendous undertaking. Ensuring repairs can be carried out safely and efficiently without delays could mean the difference between a sustainable transmission line and power outages.

By hiring Maven, clients have the peace of mind of a highly skilled and experienced team. Our attention to detail and dedication to the cause means we are willing to tackle any challenge and deliver real results.

Service - Maintenance Engineering

Power utilities is a maintenance intensive industry. Maven provides maintenance engineering consultants to clients across Canada to coordinate all the maintenance that needs to be done on certain sites.

Our team will coordinate all the Operations crew, overseeing the day to day work, making all the changes that need to be done and attending relevant meetings to ensure projects are on track.

Maintenance engineers are responsible for asset management, tracking wear and tear and planning ahead for future replacement and repairs. This requires our team to work with different project engineers without disrupting the flow of the project or the work of the operations crew.

We have a proven track record of successfully delivering contacted solutions and personalized service to the Canadian electricity industry since 2001.

We can offer the following maintenance engineering services:

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Equipment Condition Assessments
  • Civil Facilities Maintenance
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Repair Supervision
  • Back to Basics Program Support

Service - Civil Inspection

Construction inspection encompasses the utility standards of all projects in the industry. Before teams can undertake any work, the civil inspector must ensure it complies with regional, governmental and client requirements.

Typically working on multiple projects, a civil engineer will attend pre-job meetings, perform ongoing checks on existing work and visit different sites to inspect workers and the projects.

A Maven civil inspector will closely with the project engineer to make judgements on the day to day. This will ensure that any issues are dealt with quickly and effectively to minimize downtime and maximise efficiently.

Here at Maven, our construction inspectors continually prove themselves on site. Our team shows an incredible commitment to detail and quality in order to deliver the best results. We understand that by providing quality assurance, clients can guarantee delivery will be reliable, which in turn benefits the consumers and community.

By hiring Maven’s construction inspectors, you will have peace of mind that contractors are adhering to job contracts and specifications, and support to ensure your project is completed safely and efficiently as an end-to-end solution.

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