Safer and More Efficient Distribution

Getting power to consumers in a form they can use is a crucial step in the delivery process. At Maven Consulting, we’re committed to ensuring distribution is achieved as safely and efficiently as possible. Thanks to our consistent approach, you’ll receive the same high quality work from start to finish.

Our Approach

From the substations and distribution transformers, Maven is dedicated to ensuring electricity is safely stepped down to usable voltage levels. Our team has extensive expertise in the safe and efficient installation and maintenance of conduits, ducting, junction boxes and transformers. In a high-asset undertaking like distribution, our project managers, inspectors and engineers understand that client and industrial standards must be met so that projects are future-proofed.

The power industry can stretch over thousands of kilometres, varied and rough terrain, and across many substations and levels of demand on power. Additionally, there is a lot to do before weather and other elements impact the ability to work, so companies rely on multiple contractors and builders to complete projects in time. For these reasons, inconsistency can be a major issue in effective and safe distribution in Canada.

By partnering with Maven, you’ll benefit from our consistent approach to the project from the ducts to the stations. Our dedicated and hardworking consultants are able to manage a group of contractors all working to complete jobs in the short timeframes available with an eye toward quality assurance. You’ll receive the same quality and high standard work throughout the project, making distribution safer and more efficient for the company and consumers.

We Can Provide:
  • Consistent Project Management
  • Construction Engineering Support
  • Quality Assurance
  • Civil Inspection
  • And More…

Find out how our team can deliver trusted, reliable, cost-effective solutions for your project.