Project Management and Support for Canada’s Power Generation Sector

Electrical power generation is a 24/7 operation requiring assets to be constantly moving, rotating and performing at their best. Therefore, project management and support in the generation sector requires a focus on ongoing and efficient future planning and maintenance. Maven Consulting is built on a foundation of extensive power utility experience and expertise. From the hydro-electric generators across Canada, to thermal plants and emerging power generators around the world, our team has worked with a vast range of different systems.

Our Approach

The Maven team of consultants and engineers understand the limitations and have years of cumulative experience in finding the most innovative solutions to maximise the energy clients can generate. From researching and designing the most efficient way to dam a valley to constructing backup diesel generation systems, Maven can help clients establish and future-proof generation sites across Canada. Working with us means you’ll benefit from in-depth research, the procurement of relevant environmental and viability studies, civil inspections, contract management, and more.

We Can Provide:
  • Project Management
  • Asset Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • Quality Inspectors
  • Safety Officers
  • Project Engineering
  • And More…

Find out how our team can deliver trusted, reliable, cost-effective solutions for your project.