Electrical Inspection

Trusted Electrical Inspection Services for Canada’s Infrastructure Industry

Maven’s Electrical Inspection Division is comprised of inhouse journeyman electricians with decades of experience. Our team inspects a variety of electrical work including underground and overhead distribution infrastructure. Our client base covers Municipalities, Crown Corporations & Private sectors.

Our priority is to ensure that Safety and Quality come first. We cater to our clients needs and custom tailor our approach and project delivery based on those needs. One of the key elements to the success of any project is communication. Our frequent touch point meetings with clients throughout the lifecycle of the project help ensure we are capturing in real time any issues that may arise. Corrective measures are then put into place to minimize impacts and maintain a seamless execution. Between Maven’s client diversification, versatility in work types and years of experience we have refined our processes and procedures for optimal efficiencies to streamline any of your projects needs.

Our Experience

Maven electrical inspectors have an entrenched understanding of local regulations, electrical standards, and industry best practices. We use this skillset to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget in a safe and high-quality manner. Our inspectors are on site daily ensuring that all installations are carried out as per client standards and specifications. Our daily inspections are then documented at the end of each day where we upload photos of all hold points and note any deficiencies and design changes if required. The daily inspection report is then released to the client and all parties involved ensuring everyone is held accountable and nothing gets overlooked.

Maven’s inspectors are equipped with the latest field inspection equipment and back-office tools to efficiently plan and execute work and document their observations.

Our team is required to be well versed in a variety of client specific standards and specifications including but not limited to the CSA Canadian Electrical Code & BC Hydro ES 34 & ES 53 and other local authority standards.  In addition, training sessions are frequently scheduled to further enhance staff awareness, keeping the company knowledge base up to date.

Safety is at the forefront of minds and is instilled in our work culture. Our well-established safety policies and procedures are reviewed quarterly to ensure we are staying up to date with any operational related changes. Our team conducts daily Job Hazard Analysis, and that information is then fed back to our Safety Department for monitoring and review.

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