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Past Projects

Over the years, Maven has been involved in a vast amount of work. We have completed a diverse range of different projects for clients based all around the world. No matter the size or scope, we specifically tailor all our projects to ensure each client is completely satisfied.

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Future Projects

Here at Maven, we don’t like to say “cant”. It is our prerogative to consider any project that comes across our path.

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Photo of dam water to generate energy

  • Project name: Lake Buntzen 1 Spillway Replacement
  • Customer: BC Hydro
  • Location: Lake Buntzen, Buntzen Bay, BC
  • Project Description and Role: For this generation based project, Maven provided administration of construction contracts during the replacement of lower spillway flume and the construction of a debris barrier. This involved monitoring the execution of work, site safety and environment management coordination, as well as quality assurance verification. Our team also prepared daily & weekly progress reports, conducted weekly site meetings, and carried out verification of monthly progress payment reports. Our role also included liaisons with the BC Hydro design team and public relation functions.


  • Project name: Saskatoon Revitalization Project (SAR)
  • Customer: SaskPower
  • Location: Transmission from Aberdeen to Saskatoon, SK
  • Project Description and Role: For this project, Maven was responsible for construction management duties across multiple sections and stages of the project. This included monitoring the construction of 230-138kV transmission lines along the Aberdeen to Martensville phase.

  • Project name: Coquitlam Dam Seismic Upgrade
  • Customer: BC Hydro
  • Location: Coquitlam, BC, Canada
  • Project Description and Role: The Coquitlam Dam Seismic Upgrade project involved extensive Construction Management services. Maven provided Site Supervision, Quality Assurance, and Technical Review of contractor deliverables during the $65M seismic upgrade of the earth and rock fill Coquitlam Dam.


  • Project name: Southeastern Edmonton LRT
  • Customer: EPCOR
  • Location: Edmonton, AB
  • Project Description and Role: Maven provided construction management duties for multiple distribution utility projects along the route for the new SE LRT line. Mostly involving relocation of ductbanks and utilities from overhead to underground.


  • Project name: Site C
  • Customer: BC Hydro
  • Location: Fort St. John/Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Project Description and Role: BC Hydro enlisted Maven on this $8.8B project to provide engineering assistance to the Integrated Engineering Team (IET), by reviewing historic designs and delivering a brief statement of BC Hydro design preferences. Our team reviewed the IET design work at set points in the design cycle and compared them to the in-depth User Requirement documents that were created and historic BC Hydro designs. Our responsibilities also included creation and continued maintenance of a User Requirement request database; which tracks where design changes were requested from the IET to ensure that all requests have been captured and acted upon. Attendance at User Requirement meetings and documentation of all comments and action items that need to be brought back to the IET was also under our duty of care, among many other responsibilities.

Stave falls filler

  • Project name: Spillway Gate Maintenance Program
  • Customer: BC Hydro
  • Location: Stave Falls Dam, BC, Canada
  • Project Description and Role: As Project Engineer for the deficiency phase of this $37M reliability upgrade project, we worked with Operations, Project Management and Construction Management to assess installations and resolve deficiencies. Working with design consultants and contractors, Maven then managed the implementation of required upgrades and identified the relevant standards and specifications for the designers. In order to close out the project, our project engineer also worked with all parties to write and revise technical completion reports and issue appropriate record drawings.


  • Project name: RCM
  • Customer: BC Hydro
  • Location: BC, Canada
  • Project Description and Role: Maven provided services that included RCM and FMECA analysis using industry leading software, field visits as part of RCM definition and implementation, and project management duties to schedule the team and milestones of the RCM process. This included roles of Project Management, Engineering, Project Engineering and Administration


  • Project name: Asset Health Index
  • Customer: BCTC (now BC Hydro)
  • Location: BC, Canada
  • Project Description and Role: Details to come


  • Project name: Taltson CMMS Review
  • Customer: Northwest Territories Power Corporation (NTPC)
  • Location: Taltson Generating Station, Northwest Territories
  • Project Description and Role: This Maintenance Program Update required Maven to review and asses NTPC’s existing maintenance program for ten key components of the 18 MW Taltson hydro generating station. Based on the assessment, Maven is currently producing an entirely new maintenance program to meet manufacturer requirements and best practices and to enable implementation within NTPC’s new Computerized Maintenance Management System.


  • Project name: Asset Maturity Matrix development
  • Customer: CEATI
  • Location: Canada wide
  • Project Description and Role:  Maven provided a multi-disciplinary engineering team to develop guidelines and a tool to assess the maturity of an Asset Management System of a Hydro Electric Organization, and Plant.  The maturity guidelines were benchmarked against the ISO 55000 series standard  Produce the tool for CEATI to be used by it member utilities

Dawson substation

  • Project name: DCAT – Construction of Sundance Lake Substation, Upgrade of Dawson Substation
  • Customer: BC Hydro
  • Location: Dawson Creek, BC, Canada
  • Project Description and Role: Maven took on a project management role during this transmission project. This involved administration of construction contracts, including monitoring the execution of work, site safety and environmental management coordination. Our team was also responsible for quality assurance, daily and weekly reports and the creation of monthly progress payment reports and invoicing. For this project, our responsibilities also covered hiring and training onsite administration, as well as organized and essential training for site crew. Maven organized and maintained subcontractors with service providers, reviewed and approved invoices and controlled the purchasing of materials and shipment to site.

Aline Hill - Sarah Brown

  • Project name: Aline Hill Microwave Site
  • Customer: BC Hydro
  • Location: Salmon Arm, BC, Canada
  • Project Description and Role: Working on this project, Maven created design documents such as Design Basis, as well as completing a Hazard Log through consultation with other engineering disciplines and end users. We developed the Design Basis into the final primary and back up HVAC systems, along with the clean agent fire protection system design, and in-depth specification for the backup power diesel generator, complete with belly tank, fire suppression and HVAC. Once the project was complete, Maven also witnessed and accepted the final testing of the HVAC and fire detection and suppression systems. The wrap-up provided an extra challenge with the troubleshooting a manufacturing issue with the diesel generator.

Water use plan

  • Project name: Water Use Planning
  • Customer: BC Hydro
  • Location: Northern BC, Canada
  • Project Description and Role: This project covered the five-year interim review of the Peace Water Use Plan. Our involvement included researching structural maintenance requirements, contract procurement and contractor coordination with BC Parks, MFLNRO, MoT and other government groups. We were also responsible for preparing project summaries and presentations on individual monitoring studies and physical works projects to decide if the WUP is working or not, and if not, what changes need to be made.


  • Project name: PUMA
  • Customer: BC Hydro
  • Location:
  • Project Description and Role: Details to come


  • Project Name: PMO Advisory
  • Customer: NT Energy
  • Location: Hay River NT, Canada
  • Project Description and Role: provided subject matter expertise, advice and assistance for the development of a single, scalable, project management methodology and system to cover key elements of a project delivery model, including Project Governance and Gating processes, and to meet requirements of internal and external stakeholders for NT Hydro’s new unregulated renewables business, NT Energy.

  • Project Name: Inuvik High Point Wind
  • Customer: NT Energy
  • Location: Inuvik NT, Canada
  • Project Description and Role: the Inuvik High Point Wind (IHPW) Energy project is structured to reduce diesel and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Energy generation, resulting in reduced GHG emissions while building local electrical generation resiliency. The project consists of the design, procurement, delivery, erection and commissioning of a single 3-4 MW Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) facility to power the town of Inuvik. The project budget is $40M with partial funding under the federal government Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) program. Maven is providing a suite of project delivery services such as Project Management including Coordination and Scheduling, Contract Administration, Procurement, Document Control and Estimating.

  • Project Name: Fort Simpson LNG
  • Customer: NT Energy
  • Location: Fort Simpson NT, Canada
  • Project Description and Role: the community of Fort Simpson is currently being powered by diesel generation. There is a desire to switch over to natural gas due to both the cost saving potential but also the environmental benefits. The project has the potential to displace 85% of diesel fuel currently used for power generation in Fort Simpson, representing a reduction of approx. 1.65 million litres if diesel fuel. The resulting reduction in diesel fuel use would mean a reduction of 1,100 tonnes per year in GHG emissions. The project budget is $15M with partial funding under the federal government ICIP program. Maven is providing a suite of project delivery services such as Project Management including Coordination and Scheduling, Contract Administration, Procurement, Document Control and Estimating as well as Subject Matter Expertise.

  • Project Name: Mayo to McQuesten Transmission Line
  • Customer: Yukon Energy Corporation
  • Location: Mayo YT, Canada
  • Project Description and Role: with funding from the Federal and Yukon Governments and support from the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun and the Yukon Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Board, Yukon Energy Corporation is replacing an existing 60 year-old transmission line section between the cities of Mayo and McQuesten. The 31 km section will be upgraded from 69 kV to 138 kV to provide more reliable electricity to customers in the Keno area to help support industrial growth and development in the area with renewable power. Maven is providing a suite of project delivery services including Project Management, Construction Management, Procurement, Contract Administration, and Document Control.


  • Project name: Surerus Subdivision Civil Inspection
  • Customer: BC Hydro
  • Location: Fort St. John Industrial Subdivision, BC, Canada
  • Project Description and Role: Maven took on a civil inspection role for this Conduit Installation Project. This involved inspections on three-phase 25 kV conduits including 800 m of ducting, 13 junction boxes and 2 transformers. We ensured that construction met client and industrial standards and led the resolution of concerns between contractors, utilities and developers.

  • Project name: Prince Rupert Hospital Civil Inspection
  • Customer: BC Hydro
  • Location: Prince Rupert Hospital, BC, Canada
  • Project Description and Role: This project employed Maven in the installation of 3 three-phase junction boxes and 125m of duct to supply a new 12.5 kV unit substation and an alternate feed. We reviewed the project scope with all parties, acted as safety watch when working near the energized circuits, liaised with the designers when field conditions required design changes, and with power company crews for access to energized junction boxes for tie-ins and mandrel testing of the new ducts. We also prepared construction notes and photographs and as-built drawings for their records.


  • Project name: Cape Scott Wind Farm
  • Customer: GDF Suez
  • Location: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
  • Project Description and Role: On July 4th 2015 a forest fire traveled along the right of way of a transmission line from Cape Scott Windfarm to Port Hardy Substation on Vancouver Island. With damage to the transmission structures being a potential concern, Maven was tasked with inspecting structures along the right of way and provide a professional opinion on the state of the damage, with a view to re-energizing the line in a timely manner.

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