Mechanical Inspection

Trusted Mechanical Inspection Services for Canada’s Infrastructure Industry

Maven’s multi-disciplinary inspection services are rounded out by our qualified mechanical inspectors.  Our inspectors  have the experience, training and skills to perform a variety of mechanical inspections including visual inspections of mechanical valves, chambers & vaults for water, sewer and gas distribution networks.

Our Experience

Our team is well-versed with both small and large diameter pipe of polyethylene or steel as well as a variety of installation methods including trenching, plowing and directional drilling. When it comes to natural gas, the installation process is critical towards ensuring safety and quality are not compromised.  That’s where Maven’s experience and expertise can help ensure your infrastructure is installed to the highest standards. We offer a wide variety of consultation services pertaining to mechanical equipment installations & inspections.

Find out how our team can deliver trusted, reliable, cost-effective solutions for your project.