Kitsault Diesel Genset and Substation


BC Hydro


British Columbia



Services Performed:

Project Engineering

Project Description and Maven’s Role

BC Hydro required a backup diesel station for the next two years to provide power to the town of Kitsault and Amax mine site when the normal 25kV feeder from Aiyanch substation is out of service.

The diesel generation plan included specifying and procuring rental generation for installation in the old decommissioned BC Hydro Kitsault substation (pictured attached). Five gensets will be installed (2x 300kW & 3 x 500kW) along with a 480V/25kV step up transformer, fuel tank, BCH recloser.

Maven’s specific role involved serving as Project Engineer for the Kitsault Station specification, planning and construction. A site visit in February 2020 helped Maven determine the site load and the most suitable locations for the diesel generation equipment in and around the town of Kitsault. Randy North supported the project and shared his years of technical expertise in both Engineering & Operations of Diesel Generation facilities to help facilitate the successful completion of the project.