Martensville 138(230)kV Transmission Line Construction




Transmission from Martensville to Saskatoon, SK, Canada



Services Performed:

Project Management, Construction Management

Project Description and Maven’s Role

Construction of approximately 7.5km of 230kV overhead transmission line from Martensville Switching Station to a QE18 connection point outside of Saskatoon, SK.

Construction included 4km of direct-embed double circuit weathering steel H-frame structures, 3.5km of new 230kV double circuit self-supporting monopole structures, 0.1km of direct-embed wood pole structures and the installation of 24 large diameter (9’, 10’, and 12’) concrete caisson foundations, in artesian groundwater conditions, for the monopole structures.

Maven partnered with Hundseth Power Line Construction (HPL&M JV) to successfully complete construction of the transmission line. Using expertise in transmission line construction Maven was able to provide innovative solutions to challenging foundation construction with access constraints.