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At Maven Consulting, we specialize in delivering tangible results for projects in the utility industry, and have a vast amount of hands-on experience and knowledge in the Transmission, Distribution and Generation of power.

Whether involved in the process of building new, rebuilding, repairing or inspection, Maven has the experts you need. We are ready to lead your team, inspect on work or plan the process.

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Maven is always looking to add valuable members with power industry experience to our team. Check out our Careers Page, or LinkedIn profile for more information on the openings we have available.

Here at Maven, we pride ourselves on being able to provide quality, qualified consultants, and managers in the relevant discipline to achieve your project delivery objectives. For more information on how Maven can help and the sectors we work in, click on the sector tabs.

Sector - transmission


We understand that the typical transmission project has many components from foundations, to structure erection, stringing, stakeholder management and many more.

From existing system stability to supporting load growth in the future, our team of qualified consultants, engineers and managers understand the transmission sector back to front.

In the past, we have worked on projects to safely and efficiently deliver power using H-Frames, steel lattice and monopole structures across thousands of kilometres in a wide variety of terrain. We understand that no two projects are going to be the same and each deserves a tailored approach. Delivering these results to budget and on time is important to us, as is ensuring each venture has a minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

We can provide:

  • Construction Management
  • Civil inspectors
  • Project Engineering
  • Asset Management
  • And more…

Sector - Distribution

Getting power to consumers in a form they can use is a crucial step in the delivery process, and Maven is dedicated to ensuring distribution is achieved as safely and efficiently as possible.

From the substations and distribution transformers, Maven is dedicated to ensuring electricity is safely stepped down to useable voltage levels. Our team as extensive expertise in safe and efficient installation and maintenance of conduits, ducting, junction boxes and transformers.

In a high-asset undertaking like distribution, our team of project managers, inspectors and engineers understand that client and industrial standards must be met to ensure projects are future-proofed.

Quality assurance and consistency across the sector are key, particularly as the power industry can stretch over thousands of kilometres, varied and rough terrain, and across many substations and levels of demand on power. This is where Maven comes in. Our team of dedicated and hardworking consultants are able to manage a group of contractors all working to complete jobs in the short timeframes available.

As there is a lot to do before weather and other elements impact the ability to work, we understand that many companies rely on multiple contractors and builders to complete projects in time. Inconsistency is therefore one of the major issues in effective and safe distribution in Canada.

By partnering with Maven, you can benefit from a consistent approach to the project from the ducts to the stations. This assures that clients receive the same quality and high standard work throughout the full project, making distribution safer and more efficient for the company and consumers.

We can provide:

  • Consistent project management
  • Construction engineering support
  • Quality assurance
  • Civil inspection
  • And more…

Electrical generation is a 24/7 operation, requiring assets to be constantly moving, rotating and performing at their best. Therefore, project management and support in the generation sector requires a focus on ongoing and efficient future planning and maintenance.

Maven is built on a foundation of extensive power utility experience and expertise. From the hydro-electric generators across Canada, to thermal plants and emerging power generators around the world, our team has worked with a vast range of different systems.

The Maven team of consultants and engineers therefore understand the limitations and have years of cumulative experience in finding the most innovative solution to maximise the energy clients can generate in these situations. From researching and designing the most efficient way to dam a valley to constructing backup diesel generation systems, Maven can help clients establish and future-proof generation sites across Canada. Working with us means our clients can benefit from in-depth research, the procurement of relevant environmental and viability studies, civil inspections, contract management and many more generation services.

In the Generation sector, we provide the following services:

  • Project Management
  • Asset Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • Quality Inspectors
  • Safety Officers
  • Project Engineering
  • And more…

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