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Maven is a utility engineering and construction consultancy focused on the electrical utilities industry. Established in 2013, our team hit the ground running with many decades of experience in utility engineering services.

Furthermore, as business and family people, we at Maven understand that the communities in which we all work, play and live are central to the lifeblood of our economy and our very existence. Visit our community page to learn how we give back.

Maven Consulting is a professional engineering consultancy delivering utility engineering and construction services across Western and Northern Canada.

The word Maven means “one who is experienced or knowledgeable.” We have a long and successful history providing solutions to Canadian utilities including SaskPower, BC Hydro, Northwest Territories Power Corp, Yukon Energy, and EPCOR, among others. We pride ourselves on providing solutions that are timely, safe and cost effective.

Maven was launched in February 2013 as a new entity based upon many years of experience providing similar services capitalizing on the founders’ project delivery and business operations experience.

The Maven Principals have operated engineering consulting and program delivery companies servicing the Canadian utility industry for more than 15 years. Some of Maven’s subject matter experts have over 35 years of experience working for electrical utilities in Canada.

Our Vision: To be the most sought after service provider for electric utilities in Western Canada

Core Purpose: Support our clients by delivering results that will benefit their businesses and our local community.

What our clients say:

“I have been very pleased with their organized structure and on time deliveries.”  – Dennis C., Utility Engineer

“The team was easy to work with, thorough, and performed well over the general requirements of the project on numerous occasions” – Bill M., Senior Administrator at Utility Company

Trevor St Germain, CEO, Co-Founder
People - Trevor

Trevor is an experienced Project Manager and Professional Mechanical Engineer whose entire career has been dedicated to delivering engineering and asset management solutions to the power utility industry in North America.

At Maven, Trevor successfully plans, monitors, and manages large and multi-disciplinary projects from initiation through completion by proactively working with all stakeholders to achieve the project objectives. He leverages senior management and leadership experience to persuasively influence both technical and non-technical team members along the correct path to meet the key deliverables for the business, providing training and mentoring to a high standard.

Graham Carter, Co-Founder
People -Graham

Graham is a big-picture visionary and proven engineering consultant. He has been privileged to work around the world in a number of countries, giving him a unique insight into getting things done in challenging environments, dealing with a variety of people and completing projects often without the desired resources.

While a lot of Graham’s career has been in the power industry including overseeing construction, maintenance and asset management of most power industry systems, Graham has also worked in the forestry and government industries. As an Electrical Engineer, with a strong aptitude for technology, control systems and software, Graham’s experience include systematizing processes, commissioning equipment, and helping the business embrace new ways of doing things.

Here at Maven, Graham is able to utilize his senior management experience to help get projects planned, approved and executed. Much of our success is influenced by his strong ability to communicate and inspire all levels within an organization.

Sheldon Pinto, Director Project Delivery

As a leader, Sheldon manages high performance teams to support the power utility industry; he finds the right balance between tasks and people. Sheldon brings to his management work a broad technical experience in project engineering and management of large Capital Projects, quality inspections, program management and asset management for our infrastructure project delivery clients.

Sheldon is a Professional Mechanical Engineer and Project Management Professional. He leverages his technical experience and management abilities to create solutions and deliver results for both Maven’s clients and staff. Sheldon leads Maven’s Project Delivery Program, Quality Management Program, and Construction Inspection Program.

David Epp, Project Management Specialist












David is an experienced project management advisor with over 31 years of experience in the field of project management practice and process advisory, including change management support.  David was an instrumental developer of the PMO at a large corporation which was awarded the 2016 PMO of the year award by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

David has contributed to the development of Maven’s Project Management Methodology and provides advisory services for the continuous improvement of Maven’s Project Delivery Program. He is a subject matter expert of project planning and delivery, development of practices and procedures, and delivery of training within the field of project management.


Maven is committed to completing every project in a safe and sustainable manner, eliminating all worker injury.

Here at Maven, we believe that every employee is entitled to a safe and respectful work environment. Our team is important to us, so we know it is our responsibility to protect them and any other individual on our site.

All of our employees are trained to identify and correct unsafe conditions on the job in order to provide a non-hazardous work environment, both in our office and out on the job site. We recognize that accidents are uncommon events and are usually preventable. And for Maven, accident prevention is a responsibility we share at every level of the company.

We are proud to have had no major accidents within our team to date, and believe this is because Maven strictly complies with the safety best practices laid out by Worker’s Compensation and EGBC, APEGA, APEGS as well as the local safety statues and regulations in which we operate.

Maven’s achievement in COR proves that we are taking a strategic approach to workplace safety and are committed to reducing the human and financial costs associated with workplace injuries. COR, Certificate of Recognition, is a program that recognizes companies who develop and implement a health and safety management system that meets national standards.


Maven is committed to promoting the best practice in environmental performance both on the projects that we are engaged in and throughout our own daily business. We believe that environmental awareness and the practice of using good environmental procedures are everyone’s business and part of everyone’s job.

This is why we have introduced relevant processes and monitoring at all levels of our business. From partnering with the reputable Climate Smart business program (https://climatesmartbusiness.com) to encouraging environmental processes on client projects, we believe our actions can make a difference in a positive but practical way.

We are focused on delivering robust solutions to our clients in a sustainable manner, and are committed to minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations wherever we can.

Our philosophy is that no job is so urgent that it cannot be done in an environmentally safe and friendly manner.

Our environmental goals include:

  • Measure our carbon emissions annually and take actions to reduce our energy use; this includes minimizing travel as much as possible, and offsetting what we can’t avoid to achieve our goal of being a carbon-neutral business
  • Continuously improve our environmental performance in the areas of waste, transportation, energy efficiency and local community engagement
  • Reduce our consumption of materials and other resources, reuse what we can, and recycle those materials that are beyond their useful life
  • Give consideration to environmental issues and energy performance in the procurement, design, refurbishment and management in the buildings we lease
  • Continue to engrain environmental performance as a key component of our procurement strategy, and engage our suppliers about their own environmental performance
  • Set and monitor key objectives and targets for managing our environmental performance annually using Climate Smart program
  • Communicate our environmental policy and performance to employees and clients
  • Communicate the importance of environmental issues as they relate to the firm and to our people
  • Promote consideration of sustainability and environmental issues in the services we provide to our clients

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