Procurement Management

Procurement Management for Capital Power Projects

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    Have You Observed any of the Following Issues Within Your Organization’s Procurement Strategy?

    • Supply chain risks and commodity process risks are not properly managed
    • Cost-saving opportunities are not realized because of poorly written contracts
    • You do not get the best terms for acquisitions
    • You’re  unable to leverage scale and achieve volume consolidation through supply contracts  – which  is a clear sign of lack of category management.
    • You’re Unfamilliar with best practices for developing the relationships with key suppliers
    • There is a lack of alignment between projects and corporate objectives

    If So, Maven’s Procurement Experts Are Here to Help

    Maven’s  team of procurement experts have decades of knowledge and direct experience of/with the unique procurements characteristics of each sector as well as understating the associated processes.  Our team is here to provide your organization with better sourcing strategies and improved purchasing efficiency.

    Our Approach

    Maven’s Supply Chain Experts work to streamline your procurement process while sufficiently managing procurement risks.  Our project procurement management plan starts with preparing for procurement. During this stage, the Maven managers will identify what resources and aspects of the project scope need to be procured, as well as identify and address procurement risks and procurement and delivery options. We develop the procurement strategy, a high-level document that identifies the key packages (e.g., EPCs, contractors, consultants, equipment, materials, etc.) to be procured, along with general timelines, expected costs and planned procurement methods and rationale (e.g., direct award, RFT, RFP, etc.) for each.

    Next, our managers conduct procurement, which is the process of developing and issuing the procurement documents for RFx processes and acquiring project resources. We make certain all procurements meet the needs of the project, as well as all legal obligations. At this stage, once an RFx has been issued, we’ll review and evaluate all proposals following a structured evaluation process to determine the awarded party.

    The final step in the process is controlling procurement. This is where the team at Maven manages procurement relationships, monitors contract performance, accepts deliverables, processes payments, handles change requests and closes out contracts. Our experienced managers ensure every step is completed according to timelines.

    Our project procurement management deliverables include:

    • Procurement Strategy
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Contracting Plans
    • RFx Documents
    • Proposal Evaluations
    • Awarded Contracts
    • Contract Closeout Report

    Find out how our team of utility engineers and project managers can deliver trusted, reliable, cost-effective solutions for your utility project.

    About Maven

    Maven Consulting is a professional  engineering  and construction consulting firm serving clients across Western North America. The word “Maven” means, “one who is experienced or knowledgeable.” We have a long and successful history of providing solutions to utilities and municipalities including SaskPower, BC Hydro, Northwest Territories Power Corp, Yukon Energy, EPCOR, City of Vancouver, City of Richmond, Yukon Government, among others.

    Maven was launched in February 2013, capitalizing on the founders’ utility engineering and business operations experience. Our principals have operated engineering consulting and project delivery companies servicing infrastructure development  for nearly two decades. Some of Maven’s subject matter experts have over 35 years of experience working for electrical utilities throughout North America. Our core purpose is to build healthy foundations for generations. We believe this will result in benefits for both our client’s businesses and local communities.