Trusted Inspection Services for Canada’s Infrastructure Industry

Maven provides quality inspection services for construction projects across a variety of sectors. Maven aims to be a key partner for utilities, municipalities, and government organizations to ensure the cost effective, reliable, and safe construction of civil and electrical works to the end benefit of the local public and the ratepayers.

Maven has a winning combination with an experienced inspections team as well as an entrenched understanding of local regulations, utility standards, and industry best practices. We use this skillset to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget in a safe and high-quality manner.

Maven’s inspectors are equipped with the latest field inspection equipment and back-office tools to efficiently plan and execute work and document their observations.

Due to our extensive work within the municipal infrastructure sector our team is required to be well versed in the Master Municipal Construction Documents (MMCD). These documents are the benchmark for tendering, contract administration, construction standards and specifications in BC municipalities. As a living, breathing set of documents that regularly updates, our staff stay familiar with current and past versions, implementing changes as they are released. Training sessions are frequently scheduled to further enhance staff awareness, keeping the company knowledge base up to date.

Site Responsibilities

  • Lead pre-construction and regular project status site review meetings to ensure adherence with appropriate construction standards, policies and procedures and to ensure identified deficiencies are corrected
  • Coordination with all parties including contractors, owners, customers, designers, engineers, drafters and management from large utilities, municipalities, government ministries and public stakeholders
  • Liaise with site and office management to identify and address concerns on site during construction
  • Inspect the installation of civil works through all stages of construction or repair to ensure the work is completed in accordance with contracts, plans, specifications, standards, regulations, bylaws and quality requirements
  • Track and report on the status of all inspection activities, and maintain accurate daily records of identified deficiencies, construction activity and quantity measurements of contracted work
  • Review preliminary designs and provide recommendations as to their suitability, applicability, cost impacts with respect to field conditions. Provide technical assistance in the development of solutions for preliminary design problems identified during design
  • Confirm that appropriate construction materials are on-site, complete and undamaged, in accordance with client standards and the approved design
  • Take and maintain logs including construction photos, daily reports, deficiency reports and other requested information during the process of construction
  • Operate various tools: mandrels, ducting templates, GIS and mapping software

Key Service Areas


  • Municipal work includes;
    • sanitary
    • storm water
    • pumps
    • roads
    • curbing
    • sidewalks
    • street lighting
    • telecommunications
    • gas
    • ditch infills
    • dike construction and modifications
    • culverts
    • bridges
  • Power utilities-specific work includes;
    •  conduits
    • directional drilling
    • surface/subsurface drainage and design
    • Distribution equipment installation including transformer pads and vaults
    • Customer owned switchgear
    • Manholes and Vista vaults/pads
    • pull, service and junction boxes
    • power poles and pilasters
    • grounding
    • bonding
    • street lighting
    • networking & metering devices and other aspects involved in underground power distribution and transmission infrastructure.

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