Branch Safety Plan Review


City of Vancouver


Vancouver, BC



Services Performed:

Safety Consulting

Project Description And Maven’s Role

The City of Vancouver required experienced and knowledgeable safety professionals for the development of safety management systems, plans, and programs in the following areas:

a. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management in BC
b. Transfer station and landfill operations
c. Landfill gas collection system operations
d. Experience in Heavy Equipment Operations

Maven’s role in the project was to take the lead on the following tasks;

Task 1: Review of Existing Documentation
-Review the City’s Safety Management System and programs and the Transfer & Landfill Operations Branch (TLO)’s existing safety program and conduct a visit to each site
-Branch Safety Plan Review for City of Vancouver

Task 2: TLO Branch Specific Safety Plan Approach
Complete a workshop with select TLO staff to confirm the approach and the intent of the final deliverable.
• Minutes from the workshop
• Presentation slides used for the workshop

Task 3: Creation of the TO Branch Specific Safety Plan
Create the TLO Branch Specific Safety Plan using the guidance received under Task 2, their expertise, WorkSafeBC requirements and the best industry practice.
• Presentation slides in the workshop
• Draft (word document) and final (word and pdf) TLO Branch Specific Safety Program

Task 4: Communications
Provide bi-weekly updates to the City throughout the project through various means including telephone, emails, and face-to-face meetings.
• Weekly updates