Fort Simpson LNG


NT Energy


Fort Simpson, NT, Canada



Services Performed:

Project Management

NT Energy tapped Maven Consulting to take on a project management role for a project in Fort Simpson that will reduce the community’s use of diesel fuel.

Project Description and Maven’s Role

The community of Fort Simpson is currently being powered by diesel generation. There is a desire to switch over to natural gas due to both the cost saving potential but also the environmental benefits. The project has the potential to displace 85% of diesel fuel currently used for power generation in Fort Simpson, representing a reduction of approximately 1.65 million litres of diesel fuel. The resulting reduction in diesel fuel use would mean a reduction of 1,100 tonnes per year in GHG emissions. The project budget is $15M with partial funding under the federal government ICIP program. Maven is providing a suite of project delivery services, such as project management, including coordination and scheduling, contract administration, procurement, document control and estimating, as well as subject matter expertise.