Prince Rupert Hospital Civil Inspection


BC Hydro


Prince Rupert, BC, Canada



Services Performed:

Construction Inspection

Maven assisted BC Hydro on work at Prince Rupert Hospital in BC, Canada.

Project Description and Maven’s Role

This project involved the installation of 3 three-phase junction boxes and 75mm underground ducts to supply a new larger 12.5kV unit substation and to install an alternate feed. Centerline of the alternate feed is under the sidewalk and approximately 250meters in length. Much of that route required a rock breaker attachment on the excavator to obtain proper trench depth while preventing damage to the street and an adjacent waterline. The main feed required 120 meters of trench and was hampered by a parallel waterline, numerous water laterals, areas of bedrock, and two parallel energized 12.5kV circuits. The general contractor hired two sub-contractors to do the trenching –one on property and one off property.

Maven’s function was to review the project scope with all parties, act as safety watch when working near the energized circuits, liaise with design when field conditions required design change, liaise with power company crews for access to energized junction boxes for tie-in of new ducts, and -complete with construction notes and photographs -prepare as-built drawings for records.