Responding to Capital Project Management Challenges Created by COVID-19

With a second wave of COVID-19 looming, It’s time to safeguard your capital projects from the potential challenges that could arise.

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted most if not all industries, necessitating rapid and sweeping adjustments. The uncertainty of the times, and possible public reputation impact of a COVID outbreak on a project, has resulted in Project Managers of capital infrastructure projects being forced to push pause on many projects. Assessing risks surrounding COVID-19 has been extremely challenging due to the uncertainty surrounding the potential of a second wave of the virus. That’s why we’re here to help.

As a company that’s managed to weather the COVID storm, Maven is excited to share our insights with you so that you can minimize losses to your business during this difficult time.

  • Best ways to work around the COVID-19 restrictions from a logistics standpoint
  • How to minimize rising costs due to project delays and deferrals
  • Tips to ensure you’re continuing to provide quality service to your clients
  • & More!

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