Edam to Golden Lake 230kV Transmission Project




Mainstone to Edam, Saskatchewan



Services Performed:

Project Management, Construction Management

Project Description and Maven’s Role

To meet future demand in the Edam, Vawn, and Meota areas, SaskPower is constructing a new 31 km 230kV transmission line from the new Golden Lake switching station, located approx. 9.5 km northeast of Maidstone, to the new 230-25kV Edam substation located approx. 6km southwest of Edam.

The new 230kV transmission line connecting the switching station to the substation will be a single circuit with two exceptions. Approx. 1.6 km of transmission line south out of the Golden Lake switching station and the North Saskatchewan River crossing will be built for double circuit.

Maven provided a construction officer to inspect the work of other contractors on the transmission line construction, switching station construction, and substation construction work sites to ensure construction contractors were meeting SaskPower’s construction and business needs.