Silversmith Power & Light Inspection


BC Utilities Commission


Sandon, BC



Services Performed:

Owner’s Engineering – Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil.

Project Description and Maven’s Role

The BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) ordered an examination into the conduct of Silversmith Power and Light Corporation, a small utility consisting of an approx. 200kW hydroelectric generating facility and approximately 9 local customer distribution system. It required three engineering disciplines: electrical, mechanical, and civil to perform inspections of all equipment/structures to ensure they are both safe and reliable.

Maven’s role was to inspect all of Silversmith’s main equipment, including all water to wire equipment, and observe, where possible, during both operational and shutdown states. Deliverables included:

  • Multi-disciplinary engineering team to inspect, assess, and determine the condition of the equipment
  • Applied condition assessment and rating methodology
  • Performed visual inspections, tests, and analyzed available maintenance and performance data
  • Produced report with findings and recommendations for any significant facility safety or equipment condition problems.