Tantallon Switching Station




Esterhazy, Saskatoon, SK, Canada


Power – Distribution

Services Performed:

Project Management, Construction Management

Project Description and Maven’s Role

This project involved Ground Grid Installation, Electrical Apparatus Erection and Bus Erection at the Tantallon Switching Station located approx. 6.5km south of IMC – K2 mine near Esterhazy, SK on Highway 22.

Maven provided a construction officer to inspect the work of other contractors for the Ground Grid Installation, Electrical Apparatus Erection, and Bus Erection to ensure construction contractors were meeting SaskPower’s construction and business needs. This included:

• Quality Assurance inspections.
• Ensuring contractors followed design standards and
drawings; and SaskPower policies, procedures, codes,
and safe work practices.
• Ensuring construction schedules were maintained
and project materials were accounted for and
• Participating in pre-job start-up/safety meetings and
project orientation.
• Performing work observations, audits, and/or
• Completing and submitting inspection reports,
progress reports, incident reports, and other
miscellaneous reports as requested by SaskPower.
• Reporting damages, accidents, theft, safety violations
and construction problems to SaskPower