Maven Consulting’s commitment to community and wellness was on full display as team members participated in the Vancouver Sun Run this past weekend. The event, which drew thousands of participants, showcased Maven’s dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle and team spirit.

The day began with enthusiastic team members joining the throngs of runners, joggers, and walkers along the scenic course. After crossing the finish line, the team gathered for a celebratory brunch at Meet in Yaletown, where we shared stories and laughter.

President & CEO Jesse Unke commented, “It was incredibly fun to see everyone come together, push themselves, and enjoy each other’s company. Events like these truly embody the Maven spirit of teamwork and community.”

The Vancouver Sun Run exemplifies Maven Consulting’s core values of promoting a healthy lifestyle, fostering teamwork, and engaging with the community. As Maven continues to grow and evolve, events like these will remain an integral part of the company culture, encouraging teamwork, wellness, and community engagement.

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