In the spirit of honoring the invaluable contributions of women in construction and corporate leadership during Women in  Construction Week, Maven Consulting is proud to shine a spotlight on Beth Miller, our Director of Finance. Beth’s story is not just one of financial acumen but a testament to the seamless blend of technology, business, and accounting expertise, driving Maven’s journey towards operational excellence and sustainable growth.

Holding an MBA, a Masters of Accounting, and a Bachelor of Information Technology, coupled with over two decades of experience, Beth brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge to the table. Her strategic foresight has been instrumental in developing robust systems and processes that underpin Maven’s growth and scalability.

Leading the finance, accounting, and corporate administration realms at Maven, Beth’s role is central to our operational integrity and financial health. Her ability to merge technical know-how with financial governance has introduced efficiencies and innovations that keep Maven agile and competitive.

Jesse Unke, President and CEO of Maven, remarks, “Beth’s strategic insight and leadership in finance have been pivotal to Maven’s success. Her dedication to excellence and innovation reflects in our growth and resilience. Beth is a key pillar in our organization, inspiring her team and colleagues with her wisdom and foresight.”

Beth exemplifies leadership that transcends the boundaries of finance, embodying the spirit of innovation and continuous improvement. Her contributions are a testament to the power of integrating diverse skills for holistic organizational success.

As we spotlight leaders who drive Maven forward, Beth’s story is a beacon of professional excellence, showcasing the impact of visionary financial stewardship in building a sustainable and dynamic future.

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