Today we are celebrating our 10 years in business. Maven Consulting Limited (Maven) is a leading Canadian infrastructure engineering and construction consulting firm that has been proudly providing professional services to utilities, municipalities, and government organizations across Canada.

Our firm started with our two founders in a 400 square foot office downtown providing project delivery services. Today, we are a full team of professionals across BC and Alberta with our services expanded to inspections and construction management, engineering, and safety consulting.

Trevor St Germain in the original Maven office (2013)

Our founders, Trevor St Germain and Graham Carter, have provided their top 10 lessons from 10 years with Maven.

  1. A great team can do great things. We are always greater when we work as a team.
  2. What we do is important. Electricity is an essential part of our lives and no part of a project is insignificant.
  3. Understanding and learning both the macro and the micro environments helps you navigate uncertainty.
  4. With preparation and hard work, most things will work out.
  5. Some you win, some you lose. As long as you are winning more than you lose, you’re in a good position.
  6. The “Why” is just as important as the “what”.
  7. Experience is more valuable than credentials.
  8. Price does matter, but relationships and reputation matter more.
  9. Long term trust is far more valuable than a quick win.
  10. If you want to grow and change, do something that scares you every day.

“It’s been an amazing journey and it’s been full of experiences. One of the most important things I’ve learned in my time at Maven is that Members of the team are almost always more talented and capable than anyone gives them credit for (including themselves). Give opportunities for the team to show what they can do. This is key to growing your company.” – Trevor St Germain, CEO & Co-Founder

Over the years, Maven has helped deliver hundreds of successful capital infrastructure projects and have obtained numerous certifications and specializations for our team members in the process. We made the Globe and Mail’s 2021 List of Canada’s Top Growing Companies in addition to other notable growth-related recognitions over the last 5 years.

Maven’s purpose has always been to build healthy foundations for generations; both through our work and through our community initiatives. We take pride in our core values, which are principal to each and every project that we deliver. Building trust with clients, remaining committed to project outcomes, and maintaining strong communication throughout are crucial to the reliability that Maven has provided to our clients over the last decade.

“Putting clients first and delivering quality work have been foundational pillars to our company growth over the years. But, Teamwork has been the key to delivering on our company goals; The biggest thing I’ve learned in my time at Maven is that we are all greater when we work in unity as a team. 1+1=3 as I like to say.” – Graham Carter, Co-Founder


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