TransLink’s Stars-OMR Radio Upgrade Program




Vancouver, BC



Services Performed:

Project Management

Project Description and Maven’s Role

The scope of this project involved the management of asset distribution (Replacement of existing Motorola handset radios with Kenwood handsets supported by E-Comm’s network), troubleshooting and handover to operations.

Services performed:

  • Coordination of programming, labeling, storage and distribution of radio sets, accessories and chargers (780 units) across Translink sites
  • Scheduling and monitoring project progress
  • Updating user data base for BCRTC by gathering updated headcount from all relevant stakeholders
  • Facilitating and witnessing performance tests and installations
  • Gathering technical documents, reports, and change requests throughout the project for the final report
  • Generating plans, procedures and reports for the final deliverables report
  • Communication management