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    Has Your Organization Experienced Issues With Any of the Following on Your Capital Infrastructure Projects?

    • The Inability to find staffing for short term projects without the long-term overhead
    • Having to force Project Management duties onto engineers, construction managers and other staff not well equipped with the right tools
    • Lack of organization over budget and/or schedule
    • Inefficient tools and process
    • Pay extra fees due to “changes” during construction

    If So, Maven’s Project Management Professionals are here to Help

    • Maven’s consulting Project Managers are  on-demand professionals, available to fill gaps in your organization. They’re equipped with the industry best-practice skills, knowledge and tools to deliver projects.
    • Maven’s Project Managers are leaders. We coordinate stakeholders, manage contractors and internal team members and keep the project organized
    • We have our own internal Project Management Methodology (PMM), which is a key offering to our clients and works in the background providing our PMs with the tools and processes needed to deliver to our clients
    • When professional PMs aren’t brought into a project, clients often end up paying extras during construction and projects come in over budget and behind schedule. Investing in quality, professional project management services has been proven to reduce the risk of project changes and allows our clients to pass on the cost savings to shareholders
    • We bring an outside perspective to your organization; If you operate in the power, mining, or water/wastewater sectors, we have experience with organizations similar to you!

    Below is an overview of Maven’s Project Management process:

    ZE Power , Ram Consulting , Stantec , Wood Engineering , BBA , Associated , Engineering , Binnie , WSP , SNC , solaris , gygax

    Our Team

    Maven’s professional project managers (PMs) are trained in industry best practices and have the skills, knowledge and tools to manage complex capital projects on demand. Clients can bring in our consulting services without worrying about the longer term overhead costs that ebb and flow with their capital programs. Maven’s professional project managers are trained and practiced leaders, effective at coordinating stakeholders and managing contractors and internal team members to keep the project organized and on track.

    Implementing professional project managers for capital projects is proven to reduce the risk of project changes, allowing our clients to pass on the cost savings to shareholders. As consulting PMs, Maven are able to bring an outside perspective to our clients, providing valuable insight from our experience with similar organizations and working with our clients’ specific needs to find the right fit for them.


    Maven’s project managers undergo extensive training to ensure they can identify where they can be most effective deliver the best possible results for our clients. Maven’s PMO leverages processes, templates, and tools developed over decades of experience to guide its project managers and projects to reduce overall project risk.

    About Maven

    Maven Consulting is a professional  engineering  and construction consulting firm serving clients across Western North America. The word “Maven” means, “one who is experienced or knowledgeable.” We have a long and successful history of providing solutions to utilities and municipalities including SaskPower, BC Hydro, Northwest Territories Power Corp, Yukon Energy, EPCOR, City of Vancouver, City of Richmond, Yukon Government, among others.

    Maven was launched in February 2013, capitalizing on the founders’ utility engineering and business operations experience. Our principals have operated engineering consulting and project delivery companies servicing infrastructure development  for nearly two decades. Some of Maven’s subject matter experts have over 35 years of experience working for electrical utilities throughout North America. Our core purpose is to build healthy foundations for generations. We believe this will result in benefits for both our client’s businesses and local communities.

    The responsibilities of our project managers can include:

    • Assist in the development of business cases
    • Develop project charters and project management plans
    • Implement project plans and direct project execution
    • Secure financial approvals at each project stage
    • Advise on regulatory requirements and standard permitting timelines
    • Liaise with external stakeholders, agencies, and landowners
    • Define and document stakeholder and project requirements
    • Secure required project personnel for technical and supporting disciplines
    • Develop and document project scope statements and work breakdown structures, to meet strategic objectives
    • Develop milestone targets, project schedules and resourcing plans, based on industry knowledge and experience
    • Develop or assist in the development of project budgets and cost controls, based on industry knowledge and experience
    • Advise on project interdependencies and potential synergies
    • Define quality metrics and acceptance criteria for project deliverables
    • Develop and implement risk registers, risk response plans and risk contingency plans
    • Develop procurement strategies and conduct procurements, including public competitive processes
    • Define requirements and develop construction management plans
    • Provide input to engineering and manage the design process
    • Provide document management, using cloud-based file management solutions

    Some of the projects we’ve managed include:

    Berm Pump & Interceptor Upgrade | BC Hydro

    September 18, 2023

    TransLink’s Adjacent & Integrated Development Program | PMY

    September 14, 2023

    Fort Resolution Distribution Poles Replacement Program | Northwest Territories Power Corporation

    May 31, 2023

    Water Chamber Inspection Program | Metro Vancouver

    May 31, 2023

    Site C | BC Hydro

    August 18, 2020

    Find out how our team of utility engineers and project managers can deliver trusted, reliable, cost-effective solutions for your utility project.